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Other merge actions
Other merge actions
Notice that the Merge and Center button is a drop-down menu. If you click the arrow, you see three
additional commands:
Merge Across: Lets you select a range and then creates multiple merged cells — one for
each row in the selection.
Merge Cells: Works just like Merge and Center, except that the content of the upper-left cell
is not centered. (It retains its original horizontal alignment.)
Unmerge Cells: Unmerges the selected merged cell.
Wrapping text in merged cells is an easy way to display lengthy text. To make text wrap in merged
cells, select the merged cells and choose Home➜Alignment➜Wrap Text. Use the vertical and
horizontal alignment controls in Home➜Alignment group to adjust the text position.
Figure 13-2 shows a worksheet in which 171 cells have been merged (19 rows and 9 columns). The
text in the merged cells uses the Wrap Text option.
Figure 13-2: Here 171 cells are merged into one.
Potential problems with merged cells
Many Excel users have a deep-seated hatred of merged cells. They avoid using this feature and urge
everyone else to also avoid merged cells. But if you understand the limitations and potential
problems, there’s no reason to completely avoid using merged cells.
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