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Alternatives to merged cells
Alternatives to merged cells
In some cases, you can use Excel’s Center Across Selection command as an alternative to merged
cells. This command is useful for centering text across several columns.
1. Enter the text to be centered in a cell.
2. Select the cell that has the text and additional cells to the right of it.
3. Press Ctrl+1 to display the Format Cells dialog box.
4. In the Format Cells dialog box, choose the Alignment tab.
5. In the Text Alignment section, choose the Horizontal drop-down and select Center Across
6. Click OK to close the Format Cells dialog box.
The text is centered across the selected cells.
Another alternative to merging cells is to use a text box. This is particular useful for text that must be
displayed vertically. Figure 13-4 shows an example of a text box that displays vertical text. To add a
text box, choose Insert➜Text➜Text Box, draw the box on the worksheet, and then enter the text. Use
the text formatting tools on the Home tab to adjust the text; use the tools in the Drawing Tools➜
Format context tab to make other modifications (for example, to hide the text box outline).
Figure 13-4: Using a text box as an alternative to merged cells.
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