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Tip 14: Indenting Cell Contents
Indenting Cell Contents
As you probably know, Excel (by default) left-aligns text and right-aligns numbers. Most of the time,
that’s exactly how you want data to be aligned.
But if a column of text is to the right of a column of numbers, the information can be difficult to read.
Figure 14-1 shows an example. All the data in this table uses the default alignment. The table would
be more legible if there were a larger gap between the numbers and the text.
Figure 14-1: The legibility of this table can be improved by indenting the text.
Many users don’t realize that Excel can indent data — either from the left or from the right.
Unfortunately, the command to indent is not on the Ribbon. You need to select the cells and then
use the Alignment tab of the Format Cells dialog box (see Figure 14-2). A quick way to access this
dialog box is to click the dialog launcher icon in the lower-right corner of the Home➜Alignment
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