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Tip 15: Using Named Styles
Using Named Styles
Throughout the years, one of the most underused features in Excel has been named styles. Named
styles make it very easy to apply a set of predefined formatting options to a cell or range. In addition
to saving time, using named styles helps to ensure a consistent look across your worksheets.
A style can consist of settings for up to six different attributes (which correspond to the tabs in the
Format Cells dialog box):
➤ Number format
➤ Alignment (vertical and horizontal)
➤ Font (type, size, and color)
➤ Borders
➤ Fill (background color)
➤ Protection (locked and hidden)
The real power of styles is apparent when you change a component of a style. All cells that have
been assigned that named style automatically incorporate the change. Suppose that you apply a
particular style to a dozen cells scattered throughout your worksheet. Later, you realize that these cells
should have a font size of 14 points rather than 12 points. Rather than change each cell, simply edit
the style definition. All cells with that particular style change automatically.
Using the Style gallery
Excel comes with dozens of predefined styles, and you apply these styles in the Style gallery (located
in the Home➜Styles group). Figure 15-1 shows the predefined styles in the Style gallery. To apply a
style to the selected cell or range, just click the style. Notice that this gallery provides a preview.
When you hover your mouse over a style, it’s temporarily applied to the selection so that you can see
the effect. To make it permanent, just click the style.
After you apply a style to a cell, you can apply additional formatting to it by using any formatting
method discussed in this chapter. Formatting modifications that you make to the cell don’t affect
other cells that use the same style.
To maximize the value of styles, it’s best to avoid additional formatting. Rather, consider creating a
new style (explained later in this tip).
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