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Tip 18: Creating a Bulleted List
Creating a Bulleted List
Word-processing software, such as Microsoft Word, makes it very easy to create a bulleted list of
items. Excel doesn’t have a feature that creates bulleted lists, but it’s easy to fake it.
Using a bullet character
You can generate a bullet character by pressing Alt, and typing 0149 on the numeric keypad. If your
keyboard lacks a numeric keypad, press the Function key and type numbers using the normal keys.
Figure 18-1 shows a list in which each item is preceded with a bullet character and a space. The cells
use wrap-text formatting. Items that occupy more than one line are not indented. In a bulleted list,
multiple lines are usually indented so they line up with the first line.
Figure 18-1: Inserting a bullet character before each item.
Figure 18-2 shows a second attempt. This approach requires two columns. Column A holds the bullet
character, formatted so the bullet is top-aligned and right-aligned. The text is in column B.
Figure 18-2 also shows an alternative, a numbered list. The cells that contain the numbers use this
custom number format, which displays a decimal point, but no decimal places:
General”. “
You can, of course, use any character you like for the bullet. Use Insert Symbols
Symbol to display (and insert) characters from any font that’s installed on your system.
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