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Tip 21: Using the Format Painter
Using the Format Painter
You’ve probably seen that little Format Painter paint brush icon in the Home➜Clipboard group. It’s
an easy way to copy cell formatting — and it’s actually more versatile than you might think.
When you use the Format Painter, every aspect of the source range’s formatting is copied, including
number formats, borders, cell merging, and conditional formatting.
Painting basics
Here’s how to use the Format Painter tool in its basic form:
1. Select a cell that contains the formatting that you want to duplicate.
2. Choose Home➜Clipboard➜Format Painter.
The mouse cursor displays a paintbrush to remind you that you’re in Format Painter mode
(see Figure 21-1).
3. Drag the mouse over another range.
4. Release the mouse button, and the formatting is copied.
In Step 2, you can right-click the selected cell and choose the Format Painter icon from the Mini
Note that the Format Painter is mouse-centric. You cannot use the keyboard to do your painting.
Figure 21-1: Copying cell formatting by using the Format Painter.
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