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Tip 23: Showing Text and a Value in a Cell
Showing Text and a Value in a Cell
If you need to display a number and text in a single cell, Excel gives you three options:
➤ Concatenation
➤ The TEXT function
➤ A custom number format
Assume that cell A1 contains a value, and in a cell somewhere else in your worksheet, you want to
display the text Total: along with that value. It looks something like this:
Total: 594.34
You could, of course, put the text Total: in the cell to the left. This section describes the three
methods for accomplishing this task using a single cell.
Using concatenation
The following formula concatenates the text Total: with the value in cell A1:
=”Total: “&A1
This solution is the simplest, but it has a problem. The result of the formula is text, rather than a
numeric value. Therefore, the cell cannot be used in a numeric formula. Also, the numeric portion will
display with no formatting. For example, the formula might return
Total: 1594.34320933
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