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Tip 24: Avoiding Font Substitution for Small Point Sizes
1. Close Excel.
2. Click the Windows Start button and run regedit.exe, the Registry Editor program.
3. In the Registry Editor, navigate to this registry key:
4. With that registry key selected, choose Edit New DWORD.
The entry will be named New Value #1.
5. Right-click the entry and choose Rename. Specify FontSub for the entry name.
6. Double-click the FontSub entry.
The Edit DWORD dialog box appears.
7. Specify 0 as the Value Data (the Base, Hexadecimal, or Decimal doesn’t matter), as shown in
Figure 24-2.
8. Click OK to close the Edit DWORD dialog box.
9. Choose File Exit to quit Registry Editor.
Figure 24-2: Using Registry Editor to add a new value to the Windows registry.
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