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Tip 26: Resizing the Formula Bar
The Excel 2013 Formula bar displays a small arrow on the right; click the arrow, and the Formula bar
expands. You can also drag the bottom border of the Formula bar to change its height. Also useful is
a shortcut key combination: Ctrl+Shift+U. Pressing this key combination toggles the height of the
Formula bar to show either one row or the previous size. If the expanded Formula bar isn’t tall
enough to display all of the text in the active cell, a scrollbar displays to the right of the Formula bar.
Figure 26-2 shows an example of the resized Formula bar. As you can see, increasing the height of
the Formula bar doesn’t obscure the information in the worksheet. Instead, the worksheet
information is displayed below the Formula bar. You can make the formula bar almost as tall as the
workbook window (one worksheet row always remains visible).
Figure 26-2: Changing the height of the formula bar makes it much easier to edit lengthy formulas and text,
and you can still view all cells in your worksheet.
You can also resize the width of the Formula bar. Click and drag the three dots to the right of the
Name box. When the Name box gets wider, the Formula bar gets narrower.
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