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Tip 27: Monitoring Formula Cells from Any Location
Monitoring Formula Cells from Any Location
If you have a large spreadsheet model, you might find it helpful to monitor the values in a few key
cells as you change various input cells. The Watch Window feature makes this task very simple. Using
the Watch Window, you can keep an eye on any number of cells, regardless of which worksheet or
workbook is active. Using this feature can save time and eliminate scrolling and switching among
worksheet tabs and workbook windows.
About the Watch Window
To display the Watch Window, choose Formulas➜Formula Auditing➜Watch Window. To watch a
cell, click the Add Watch button in the Watch Window and then specify the cell in the Add Watch
dialog box. When the Add Watch dialog box opens, you can add multiple cells by selecting a range or by
pressing Ctrl and clicking individual cells.
For each cell, the Watch Window displays the workbook name, the worksheet name, the cell name (if
it has one), the cell address, the current value, and the formula (if it has one).
Excel remembers the cells in a Watch Window, even between sessions. If you close a workbook that
contains cells being monitored in the Watch Window, those cells are removed from the Watch
Window. But if you reopen that workbook, the cells are displayed again.
Figure 27-1 shows the Watch Window, with several cells being monitored.
Figure 27-1: Using the Watch Window to monitor the value of formula cells.
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