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Customizing the Watch Window
Customizing the Watch Window
The Watch Window is a task pane, and you can customize the display by doing any of the following:
➤ Click and drag a border to change the size of the task pane.
➤ Drag the task pane to an edge of an Excel workbook window, and it becomes docked rather
than free floating.
➤ Click and drag the borders in the header to change the width of the columns displayed. By
dragging a column border all the way to the left, you can hide the column.
➤ Click one of the headers to sort the contents by that column.
Navigating with the Watch Window
You can also use the Watch Window as a navigational aid. If you find that you often need to switch
among worksheets, add a cell for each worksheet to the Watch Window. To activate a cell displayed
in the Watch Window, double-click it in the Watch Window.
Unfortunately, in Excel 2013, this navigational technique works only with the active
workbook. In other words, double-clicking a Watch Window item that points to a cell in
a different workbook will not activate the workbook. I don’t know if this is by design or
if it’s a bug in Excel 2013.
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