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Using Excel’s Camera Tool
Figure 4-35: Add the Camera tool to the Quick Access toolbar.
After you take these steps, you see the Camera tool in your Quick Access toolbar, as shown in
Figure 4-36.
Figure 4-36: Not surprisingly, the icon for the Camera tool looks like a camera.
Using the Camera tool
To use the Camera tool, you simply highlight a range of cells to capture everything in that range in a
live picture. The cool thing about the Camera tool is that you’re not limited to showing a single cell’s
value like you are with a linked text box. Also, because the picture is live, all updates made to the
source range automatically change the picture.
In Figure 4-37, you see some simple numbers and a chart based on those numbers. The goal here is
to create a live picture of the range that holds both the numbers and the chart.
Figure 4-37: Enter some simple numbers in a range and create a basic chart from those numbers.
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