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Basic Steps for Creating a Chart
Like everything else in Excel, charts do have limitations. Table 5-1 lists the limitations of Excel charts.
Table 5-1 : Chart Limitations
Charts in a worksheet
Limited by available memory
Worksheets referred to by a chart
Data series in a chart
Data points in a data series
Data points in a data series (3D charts)
Total data points in a chart
Most users never find these limitations to be a problem. However, one item that frequently does
cause problems is the limit on the length of the SERIES formula. Each argument is limited to 255
characters, and in some situations, that’s simply not enough characters. See Chapter 6 for more
information about SERIES formulas.
Basic Steps for Creating a Chart
Creating a chart is relatively easy. The following sections describe how to create and then customize
a basic chart in Excel 2013 to best communicate your business goals.
Creating the chart
Follow these steps to create a chart using the data in Figure 5-8:
1. Select the data that you want to use in the chart.
Make sure that you select the column headers, if the data has them.
If you select a single cell within a range of data, Excel uses the entire data range for
the chart.
Figure 5-8: This data would make a good chart.
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