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Basic Steps for Creating a Chart
Figure 5-12: The Change Chart Type dialog box.
Applying chart styles
Each chart type has a number of prebuilt styles that you can apply with a single mouse click. A style
contains additional chart elements, such as a title, data labels, and axes. This step is optional, but one
of the prebuilt designs might be just what you’re looking for. Even if the style isn’t exactly what you
want, it may be close enough that you need to make only a few adjustments.
To apply a style, select the chart and use the Chart Tools➜Design➜Chart Styles gallery. Figure 5-13
shows how a column chart looks using various styles.
Applying a chart style
The Chart Tools➜Design➜Chart Styles gallery contains quite a few styles that you can apply to your
chart. The styles consist of various color choices and some special effects. Again, this step is optional.
The styles displayed in the gallery depend on the workbook’s theme. When you choose
Page Layout Themes to apply a different theme, you see a new selection of chart styles
designed for the selected theme.
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