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Working with Charts
Deleting a chart
To delete an embedded chart, click the chart (this selects the chart as an object). Then press Delete.
With the Ctrl key pressed, you can select multiple charts and then delete them all with a single press
of the Delete key.
To delete a chart sheet, right-click its sheet tab and choose Delete from the shortcut menu. To delete
multiple chart sheets, select them by pressing Ctrl while you click the sheet tabs.
Copying a chart’s formatting
If you create a nicely formatted chart and realize that you need to create several more charts that
have the same formatting, you have these three choices:
➤ Make a copy of the original chart and then change the data used in the copied chart. One
way to change the data used in a chart is to choose the Chart Tools➜Design➜Data➜Select
Data command and make the changes in the Select Data Source dialog box.
➤ Create the other charts, but don’t apply any formatting. Then activate the original chart and
press Ctrl+C. Select one of the other charts and choose Home➜Clipboard➜Paste➜Paste
Special. In the Paste Special dialog box, click the Formats option and then click OK. Repeat
for each additional chart.
➤ Create a chart template and then use the template as the basis for the new charts. Or you
can apply the new template to existing charts.
Renaming a chart
When you activate an embedded chart, its name appears in the Name box (located to the left of the
Formula bar). To change the name of an embedded chart, just type the new name into the Name box
and press Enter.
Why rename a chart? If a worksheet has many charts, you may prefer to activate a particular chart by
name. Just type the chart’s name in the Name box and press Enter. It’s much easier to remember a
chart named Monthly Sales as opposed to a chart named Chart 9.
When you rename a chart, Excel allows you to use a name that already exists for another
chart. Normally, it doesn’t matter if multiple charts have the same name, but it can
cause problems if you use VBA macros that select a chart by name.
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