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Adding a New Series to a Chart
These techniques are described in the following sections.
Attempting to add a new series to a pie chart has no apparent effect because a pie chart
can have only one series. The series, however, is added to the chart but isn’t displayed. If
you select a different chart type for the chart, the added series is then visible.
Adding a new series by copying a range
One way to add a new series to a chart is to perform a standard copy/paste operation. Follow these
1. Select the range that contains the data to be added (including the series name).
2. Choose Home➜Clipboard➜Copy (or press Ctrl+C).
3. Click the chart to activate it.
4. Choose Home➜Clipboard➜Paste (or press Ctrl+V).
If the series you are trying to copy and paste into your chart has a series name that is a
number (for example, a year like 2009) Excel will try to plot that series name as an actual
value to the chart. In these cases, you can use the Paste Special feature to avoid this
problem. Read on to find out how.
For more control when adding data to a chart, choose Home➜Clipboard➜Paste➜Paste Special in
Step 4. This command displays the Paste Special dialog box. Figure 6-2 shows a new series (using
data in row 5) being added to a line chart.
Figure 6-2: Using the Paste Special dialog box to add a series to a chart.
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