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Adding a New Series to a Chart
5. Click OK to close the Edit Series dialog box and return to the Select Data Source dialog box.
6. Click OK to close the Select Data Source dialog box or click the Add button to add another
series to the chart.
Figure 6-3: Using the Edit Series dialog box to add a series to a chart.
The configuration of the Edit Series dialog box varies, depending on the chart type. For
example, if the chart is a scatter chart, the Edit Series dialog box displays range selectors
for the Series Name, the Series X Values, and the Series Y Values. If the chart is a bubble
chart, the dialog box displays an additional range selector for the Series Bubble Size.
Adding a new series by typing a new SERIES formula
Excel provides yet another way to add a new series: Type a new SERIES formula. Follow these steps:
1. Click the chart to activate it.
2. Click the Formula bar.
3. Type the new SERIES formula and press Enter.
This method is certainly not the most efficient way to add a new series to a chart. It requires that
you understand how the SERIES formula works, and (as you might expect) it can be rather
errorprone. Note, however, that you don’t need to type the SERIES formula from scratch. You can copy
an existing SERIES formula, paste it into the Formula bar, and then edit the SERIES formula to create
a new series.
For more information about the SERIES formula, see the “SERIES formula syntax”
sidebar, later in this chapter.
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