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Deleting a Chart Series
Figure 6-4: Selecting a chart series highlights the data used by the series.
Each of the highlighted ranges contains a small handle at each corner. You can perform two
operations with the highlighted data:
Expand or contract the data range. Click one of the handles and drag it to expand the
outlined range (specify more data) or contract the data range (specify less data). When you
move your cursor over a handle, the mouse pointer changes to a double arrow.
Specify an entirely different data range. Click one of the borders of the highlight and then
drag it to highlight a different range. When you move the cursor over a border, the mouse
pointer changes to a four-way arrow.
Figure 6-5 shows the chart after the data range has been changed. In this case, the highlight around cell
C2 was dragged to cell D2, and the highlight around C3:C8 was dragged to D3:D8 and then expanded
to include D3:D14. Notice that the range for the category labels (B3:B8) wasn’t modified — and the
missing labels aren’t shown in the chart. To finish the job, that range needs to be expanded to B3:B14.
Figure 6-5: The chart’s data range has been modified.
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