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Deleting a Chart Series
Editing the SERIES formula to change series data
Every chart series has its own SERIES formula. When you select a data series in a chart, its SERIES
formula appears in the Formula bar. In Figure 6-7, for example, you can see one of two SERIES formulas
in the Formula bar for a chart that displays two data series.
Figure 6-7: The SERIES formula for the selected data series appears in the Formula bar.
Although a SERIES formula is displayed in the Formula bar, it isn’t a “real” formula. In other words, you
can’t put this formula into a cell, and you can’t use worksheet functions within the SERIES formula. You
can, however, edit the arguments in the SERIES formula to change the ranges used by the series. To edit
the SERIES formula, just click in the Formula bar and use standard editing techniques. Refer to the
sidebar, “SERIES formula syntax,” to find out about the various arguments for a SERIES formula.
When you modify a series data range using either of the techniques discussed
previously in this section, the SERIES formula is also modified. In fact, those techniques are
simply easy ways of editing the SERIES formula.
Following is an example of a SERIES formula:
This SERIES formula does the following:
➤ Specifies that cell D2 (on Sheet4) contains the series name.
➤ Specifies that the category labels are in B3:B8 on Sheet4.
➤ Specifies that the data values are in D3:D8, also on Sheet4.
➤ Specifies that the series will be plotted second on the chart (the final argument is 2).
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