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Using Series on Different Sheets
The first argument is omitted, so Excel uses the default series name. The second argument specifies
six cells in column A as the category labels. The third argument specifies six corresponding cells in
column B as the data values. Note that the range arguments for the noncontiguous ranges are
displayed in parentheses, and each subrange is separated by a comma.
When a series uses a noncontiguous range of cells, Excel doesn’t display the range
highlights when the series is selected. Therefore, the only way to modify the series is to use
the Select Data Source dialog box or to edit the SERIES formula manually.
Using Series on Different Sheets
Typically, data to be used on a chart resides on a single sheet. Excel, however, does allow a chart
to use data from any number of worksheets, and the worksheets don’t need to be in the same
Normally, you select all the data for a chart before you create the chart. But if your chart uses data
from different worksheets, you need to create an empty chart and then add the series (see the
section “Adding a New Series to a Chart,” earlier in this chapter).
Figure 6-13 shows a chart that uses data from two other worksheets. Each of the three worksheets is
shown in a separate window.
Figure 6-13: This chart uses data from different worksheets.
The SERIES formulas for this chart are as follows:
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