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Unlinking a Chart Series from Its Data Range
produce a static chart — a chart that never changes. For example, if you plot data generated by
various what-if scenarios, you may want to save a chart that represents some baseline so that you can
compare it to other scenarios. You can create such a chart in the following ways:
➤ Convert the chart to a picture.
➤ Convert the range references to arrays.
Converting a chart to a picture
To convert a chart to a static picture, follow these steps:
1. Create the chart as usual and make any necessary modifications.
2. Click the chart to activate it.
3. Choose Home Clipboard Copy (or press Ctrl+C).
4. Click in any cell to deselect the chart.
5. Choose Home Clipboard Paste Picture.
The result is a picture of the original chart. This picture can be edited as a picture, but not as a chart.
In other words, you can no longer modify properties such as chart type, data labels, and so on.
When you select such a picture, you see Excel’s Picture Tools Format tab. Figure 6-18 shows a few
examples of built-in formatting options applied to a picture of a chart.
Figure 6-18: After converting a chart to a picture, you can apply various types of formatting to the picture.
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