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Unlinking a Chart Series from Its Data Range
Converting a range reference to arrays
The other way to unlink a chart from its data is to convert the SERIES formula range references to
arrays. Figure 6-19 shows an example of a pie chart that doesn’t use data stored in a worksheet.
Rather, the chart’s data is stored directly in the SERIES formula, which is as follows:
Figure 6-19: This chart is not linked to a data range.
The first argument, the series name, is omitted. The second argument consists of an array of five text
strings. Notice that each array element appears within quotation marks and is separated by a comma.
The array is enclosed in braces. The chart’s data is stored as another array (the third argument).
This chart was originally created by using data stored in a range. Then the SERIES formula was
delinked from the range, and the original data was deleted. The result is a chart that doesn’t rely on
data stored in a range.
Follow these steps to convert the range references in a SERIES formula to arrays:
1. Create the chart as usual.
2. Click the chart series.
The SERIES formula appears in the Formula bar.
3. Click inside the Formula bar.
4. Press F9.
5. Press Enter, and the range references are converted to arrays.
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