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Working with Multiple Axes
To add a secondary value axis, follow these steps:
1. Select the Profit Margin series on the chart.
2. Press Ctrl+1 to display the Format Data Series dialog box.
3. In the Format Data Series dialog box, click the Series Options tab.
4. Choose the Secondary Axis option.
A new value axis is added to the right side of the chart, and the Profit Margin series uses that value
axis. Figure 6-21 shows the dual-axis chart.
Figure 6-21: Using a secondary value axis for the Profit Margin series.
Creating a chart with four axes
Very few situations warrant a chart with four axes. The problem, of course, is that using four axes
almost always causes the chart to be difficult to understand. An exception is scatter charts. Figure
6-22 shows a scatter chart that has two series, and the series vary quite a bit in magnitude on both
dimensions. If the objective is to compare the shape of the lines, this chart doesn’t do a very good job
because most of the chart consists of white space. Using four axes might solve the problem.
Figure 6-22: The two series vary in magnitude.
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