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Chapter 7: Formatting and Customizing Charts
Figure 7-1: Use the Chart Elements drop-down list to select an element on a chart.
When a single data point is selected, the Chart Elements control will display the name of
the selected element, even though it’s not actually available for selection in the
dropdown list.
Common chart elements
Table 4-1 contains a list of the various chart elements that you may encounter. Note that the actual
chart elements that are present in a particular chart depend on the chart type and on the
customizations that you’ve performed on the chart.
Table 4-1 Chart Elem ents
Category Axis
The axis that represents the chart’s categories.
Category Axis Title
The title for the category axis.
Chart Area
The chart’s background.
Chart Title
The chart’s title.
Data Label
A data label for a point in a series. The name is preceded by the series and the
point. Example: Series 1 Point 1 Data Label.
Data Labels
Data labels for a series. The name is preceded by the series. Example: Series 1
Data Labels.
Data Table
The chart’s data table.
Display Units Label
The units label for an axis.
Up/Down Bars
Vertical bars in a line chart or stock market chart.
Drop Lines
Lines that extend from each data point downward to the axis (line and area
charts only).
Error Bars
Error bars for a series. The name is preceded by the series. Example: Series 1
Error Bars.
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