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Formatting Chart Background Elements
Formatting borders
A border is the line around an object. Excel offers four general choices for formatting a border:
No Line: The chart element has no line.
Solid Line: The chart element has a solid line. You can specify the color, the transparency,
and a variety of other settings.
Gradient Line: The chart element has a line that consists of a color gradient.
Automatic: The default setting. Excel decides the border settings automatically.
Figure 7-6 shows the Border Styles tab of the Format Chart Area dialog box. If you explore this dialog
box, you’ll soon discover that a border can have a huge number of variations. Keep in mind that all
settings are not available for all chart elements. For example, the Arrow Settings are disabled when a
chart element that can’t display an arrow is selected.
Figure 7-6: Some of the settings available for a chart element border.
Formatting Chart Background Elements
Every chart has two key components that play a role in the chart’s overall appearance:
The chart area: The background area of the chart object
The plot area: The area (within the chart area) that contains the actual chart
The default colors of the chart area and the plot area depend on which chart style you choose from
the Chart Tools➜Design➜Chart Styles gallery.
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