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Formatting Chart Series
Figure 7-9: This column chart uses a clip art image.
You can also use the Marker Fill tab of the Format Data Series dialog box to specify Picture or Texture
Fill. However, the result is very different. If you use the Clipboard button to paste the copied shape,
the pasted image will fill the existing marker (not replace it). You’ll probably need to increase the
marker size, and also hide the marker borders.
Figure 7-10: The data markers use a shape that was copied to the Clipboard.
Again, the purpose and utility of your chart should dictate whether pictures and graphics
are appropriate. Charts for sales presentations, for example, can benefit from pictures and
graphics given that visual enhancements can increase the possibility of prospective
buyers paying attention to you. But in boardroom presentations where data is king, images
will just get in the way. Think of it as selecting the right outfit for the right occasion. You
wouldn’t give a serious a speech in a Roman general’s uniform. How well will you get your
point across when your audience is thinking, “What’s the deal with Tiberius”?
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