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Working with Chart Titles
Adding titles to a chart
To add a chart title to a chart, activate the chart and click the Chart Elements button next to the chart.
This will expand a menu of chart elements you can add to your chart. Place a check next to Chart
To add axis titles to a chart, simply place a check next to the Axis Titles option. Keep in mind that the
options include only those that are appropriate for the chart. For example, if the chart doesn’t have a
secondary value axis, you don’t have an option to add a title to the nonexistent axis.
Contrary to what you might expect, you cannot resize a chart title. When you select a
title, it displays the characteristic border and handles — but the handles cannot be
dragged to change the size of the object. The only way to change the size is to change
the size of the font used in the title. For more control over a chart’s title, you can use a
text box instead of an official title.
Changing title text
When you add a title to a chart, Excel inserts generic text to help you identify the title. To edit the text
used in a chart title, click the title once to select it; then click a second time inside the text area. If the
title has a vertical orientation, things get a bit tricky because you need to use the up- and
downarrow keys rather than the left- and right- arrow keys.
For lengthy titles, Excel handles the line breaks automatically. To force a line break in
the title, press Enter. To add a line break within existing title text, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
Formatting title text
Unfortunately, Excel does not provide a “one-stop” place to change all aspects of a chart title. The
Format Chart Title dialog box provides options for changing the fill, border, shadows, 3-D format,
and alignment. If you want to change anything related to the font, you need to use the Ribbon (or
right-click and use the mini toolbar). Yet another option is to right-click the chart element and
choose Font from the shortcut menu. This displays the Font dialog box, with options that aren’t
available elsewhere. For example, the Font dialog box lets you control the character spacing of the
Most of the font changes you make will use the tools in the Home➜Font group. You may be tempted
to use the controls in the Chart Tools➜Format➜WordArt Styles group, but these controls are
primarily for special effects.
You can easily modify the formatting for individual characters within a title. Select the
title, highlight the characters that you want to modify, and apply the formatting. The
formatting changes you make will affect only the selected characters.
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