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Working with Chart Titles
Linking title text to a cell
When you create a chart, you might like to have some of the chart’s text elements linked to cells. That
way, when you change the text in the cell, the corresponding chart element updates. And, of course,
you can even link chart text elements to cells that contain a formula. For example, you might link the
chart title to a cell that contains a formula that returns the current date.
You can create a link to a cell for the chart title or any of the axis titles. Follow these steps:
1. Select the chart element that will contain the cell link. Make sure that the text element itself
is selected (don’t select text within the element).
2. Click the Formula bar.
3. Type an equal sign (=).
4. Click the cell that will be linked to the chart element.
5. Press Enter.
Figure 7-13 shows a chart that has links for the following elements: chart title, the vertical axis title,
and the horizontal axis title.
Figure 7-13: The titles in this chart are linked to cells.
Adding free-floating text to a chart
Text in a chart is not limited to titles. In fact, you can add free-floating text anywhere you want by
inserting a text box into the chart. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Select the chart.
2. Choose Insert➜Text Box.
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