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Working with Chart Axes
Deleting a legend entry
For some charts, you may prefer that one or more of the data series not appear in the legend. To
delete a legend entry, just select it and press Delete. The legend entry will be deleted, but the data
series will remain intact.
If you’ve deleted one or more legend entries, you can restore the legend to its original state by
deleting the entire legend and then adding it back.
Identifying series without using a legend
Legends are appropriate for charts that have at least two series. But even then, all charts do not
require a legend. You may prefer to identify relevant data using other methods, such as a data label,
a text box, or a shape with text. Figure 7-14 shows a chart in which the data series are identified by
using text in shapes, which were added to the chart using Insert➜Illustrations➜Shapes.
Figure 7-14: This chart uses shapes as an alternative to a legend.
Working with Chart Axes
As you know, charts vary in the number of axes that they use. Pie and doughnut charts have no axes.
All 2-D charts have at least two axes, and they can have three (if you use a secondary value or
category axis) or four (if you use a secondary category axis and a secondary value axis).
Threedimensional charts have three axes — the “depth” axis is known as the series axis.
Excel provides you with a great deal of control over the look of chart axes. To modify any aspect of an
axis, access its Format Axis dialog box. The dialog box varies, depending on which type of axis is
This workbook, named axes.xlsx , is available at with
the other example files for this topic.
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