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Working with Chart Axes
Figure 7-27: This scatter chart displays times on both value axes.
Unfortunately, Excel does not allow you to specify time values on the Axis Options tab of the Format
Axis dialog box. If you want to override the default minimum, maximum, or major unit values, you
must manually convert the time value to a decimal value.
This chart uses the following scale values:
➤ Minimum axis scale value: .25 (6:00 am)
➤ Maximum axis scale value: .58333 (2:00 pm)
➤ Major unit: .041666 (1:00:00)
To convert a time value to a decimal number, enter the time value into a cell. Then apply General
number formatting to the cell. Time values are expressed as a percentage of a 24-hour day. For
example, 12:00 noon is 0.50.
Creating a multiline category axis
Most of the time, the labels on a category axis consist of data from a single column or row. You can,
however, create multiline category labels, as shown in Figure 7-28. This chart uses the text in
columns A:C for the category axis labels.
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