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Working with Data Labels
Editing data labels
After adding data labels to a series, you can apply formatting to the labels by right-clicking on the
labels and selecting Format Data Labels. This will activate the Format Data Labels dialog box. To
specify the contents of the data labels, use the Label Options tab of the Format Data Labels dialog
box. Figure 7-31 shows this dialog box for a pie chart.
When you click a data label, the labels for the entire series are selected. If you click a
second time (on a single label), only that data label is selected. In other words, Excel lets
you format all data labels at once or format just a single data label.
Figure 7-31: Options for displaying data labels.
The types of information that can be displayed in data labels are as follows:
➤ The series name
➤ The category name
➤ The numeric value
➤ The value as a percentage of the sum of the values in the series (for pie charts and doughnut
charts only)
➤ The bubble size (for bubble charts only)
Other options are as follows. Keep in mind that not all options are available for all chart types.
➤ Show Leader Lines: If selected, Excel displays a line that connects the data label with the
chart series data point.
➤ Label Position: Specifies the location of the data labels, relative to each data point.
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