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Working with Data Labels
➤ Include Legend Key in Label: If selected, each data label displays its legend key image next
to it.
➤ Separator: If you specify multiple contents for the data labels, this control enables you to
specify the character that separates the elements (a comma, a semicolon, a period, a space,
or a line break).
The Format Data Labels dialog box also lets you specify a variety of other formatting options for your
data labels.
The column chart in Figure 7-32 contains data labels that display category names and their values.
These labels are positioned to appear on the Outside End. These data labels use the New Line
separator option, so the value appears on a separate line. Because the category name is included in
the data labels, the horizontal category axis labels aren’t necessary.
Figure 7-32: Data labels in a column chart.
The data labels display the values for each data point. For this particular chart, it would
be preferable to display the value as a percentage of the total. Unfortunately, the
Percent option is available only for a pie or doughnut chart. The alternative is to
calculate the percentages using formulas and then plot the percentage data rather than
the actual value data.
Figure 7-33 shows a line chart in which the data labels are positioned on top of the (large) markers.
The data labels were positioned using the Center option.
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