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Working with a Chart Data Table
Working with a Chart Data Table
There may be situations where it’s valuable to show all the data values along with the plotted data
points. However, you’ve adding data labels can inundate your audience with a bevy of numbers that
muddle the chart.
Instead of using data labels, you can attach a Data Table to your Excel chart. A data table allows you
to see the data values for each plotted data point, beneath the chart, showing the data without
overcrowding the chart itself. Figure 7-36 shows a chart that includes a data table.
Figure 7-36: This chart includes a data table.
This workbook, named data table.xlsx , is available at
exceldr with the example files for this topic.
Adding and removing a data table
To add or remove data tables, activate the chart and click the Chart Elements button next the chart.
This will expand a menu of chart elements you can add to your chart. Place a check next to Data
Table to add a data table. Remove the check to remove the data table.
Problems and limitations with data tables
One problem with data tables, as noted previously, is that this feature is available for only a few chart
types. Formatting options for a data table are relatively limited. Data table formatting changes are
made in the Format Data Table dialog box.
The Fill tab is a bit misleading because it does not actually allow you to change the fill color for the
data table. Rather, you are limited to formatting the background of the text and numbers in the data
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