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Chapter 8: Components That Show Trending
Figure 8-9: Choose to abbreviate category names instead of changing alignment.
Implying labels to reduce clutter
When you’re listing the same months over the course of multiple years, you may be able to imply the
labels for months instead of labeling each and every one of them.
Take Figure 8-10, for example. In this figure, you see a chart that shows trending through two years. There
are so many data points that the labels are forced to be vertically aligned. To reduce clutter, as you can
see, only certain months are explicitly labeled. The others are implied by a dot. To achieve this effect, you
can simply replace the label in the original source data with a dot (or whatever character you like).
Figure 8-10: To save real estate on your dashboard, try labeling only certain data points.
Going vertical when you have too many data points for horizontal
Trending data by day is common, but it does prove to be painful if the trending extends to 30 days or
more. In these scenarios, it becomes difficult to keep the chart to a reasonable size and even more
difficult to effectively label it.
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