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Emphasizing Periods of Time
Figure 8-25: The Format Data Point dialog box gives you formatting options for a single data point.
After changing the fill color of the October data point and adding a text box with some context, the
chart nicely explains the spike. (See Figure 8-26.)
Figure 8-26: The chart now draws attention to the spike in October and provides instant context via a text box.
To add a text box to a chart, click the Insert tab on the Ribbon and select the Text Box
icon. Then click inside the chart to create an empty text box, which you can fill with your
Using dividers to mark significant events
Every now and then a particular event shifts the entire paradigm of your data permanently. A good
example is a price increase. The trend shown in Figure 8-27 has been permanently affected by a price
increase implemented in October. As you can see, a dividing line (along with some labeling) provides
a distinct marker for the price increase, effectively separating the old trend from the new.
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