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Other Trending Techniques
To add a moving average trend line, follow these steps:
1. Right-click the data series that represents the volatile data and then select Add Trendline.
2. In the Format Trendline dialog box that opens (see Figure 8-33), select Moving Average and
then specify the number of periods.
In this case, Excel will average a four–month moving trend line.
Figure 8-33: Applying a four–month moving average trend line.
Creating your own smoothing calculation
As an alternative to Excel’s built-in trend lines, you can create your own smoothing calculation and
simply include it as a data series in your chart. In Figure 8-34, a calculated column (appropriately
called smoothing) provides the data points needed to create a smoothed data series.
Figure 8-34: A calculated smoothing column feeds a new series to your chart.
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