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Chapter 9: Components That Group Data
Organizing source data
The top and bottom displays you create can be as simple as source data that you incorporate into
your dashboard. Typically placed to the right of a dashboard, this data can emphasize details a
manager may use to take action on a metric. For example, the simple dashboard in Figure 9-1 shows sales
information with top and bottom sales reps.
Figure 9-1: Top and bottom displays that emphasize certain metrics.
To get a little fancier, you can supplement your top and bottom displays with some ranking
information, some in-cell bar charts, or some conditional formatting (see Figure 9-2).
You can create the in-cell bar charts with the Data Bars conditional formatting function, covered in
Chapter 4. The arrows are also simple conditional formatting rules that are evaluated against the
variance in current and last months’ ranks.
Figure 9-2: You can use some conditional formatting to add visual components to your top and bottom displays.
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