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Chapter 9: Components That Group Data
Using pivot tables to get top and bottom views
A pivot table is an amazing tool that can help you create interactive reporting. If you’re new to
pivot tables, fear not. You learn about them in detail in Part IV of this topic. For now, take a moment
to go through an example of how pivot tables can help you build interactive top and bottom
You can open the Chapter 9 Samples.xlsx file, found on this topic’s companion
website at to follow along.
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Follow these steps to display a Top filter with a pivot table:
Start with a pivot table that shows the data you want to display with your top and bottom 1.
In this case, the pivot table shows Sales Rep and Sales_Amount (see Figure 9-3).
Figure 9-3: Start with a pivot table that contains the data you want to filter.
2. Right-click on the field you want to use to determine the top values. In this example, you use
the Sales Rep field. Choose Filter➜Top 10 (see Figure 9-4).
Figure 9-4: Select the Top 10 filter option.
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