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Emphasizing Top Values in Charts
4. Use the chart feeder table to plot the data into a stacked column chart.
You immediately see a chart that displays two data series: one for data points not in the top
five and one for data points in the top five (see Figure 9-23).
Figure 9-22: Build a new chart feeder that consists of formulas that plot values into one of two columns.
Figure 9-23: After adding data labels to the top five data series and doing a bit of formatting, your
chart should look similar to the one shown here.
Notice in Figure 9-23 that the chart shows some rogue zeros. You can fix the chart so that the
zeros don’t display by performing the next few steps.
5. Right-click any of the data labels for the top five series and choose Format Data Labels.
6. In the Format Data Labels dialog box, expand the Numbers section and select Custom in the
Category list.
7. Enter #,##0;; as the custom number format, as shown in Figure 9-24.
8. Click the Add button and then click Close.
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