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Using a Thermometer-Style Chart
Using a Thermometer-Style Chart
A thermometer-style chart offers a unique way to view performance against a goal. As the name
implies, the data points shown in this type of chart resemble a thermometer. Each performance
value and its corresponding target are stacked on top of one another, giving an appearance similar
to that of mercury rising in a thermometer. In Figure 10-5, you see an example of a
thermometerstyle chart.
Figure 10-5: Thermometer-style charts offer a unique way to show performance against a goal.
To create this type of chart, follow these steps:
1. Starting with a table that contains revenue and target data, plot the data into a new column
2. Right-click the Revenue data series and choose Format Data Series.
3. In the Format Data Series dialog box, select the Secondary Axis.
4. Go back to your chart and delete the new vertical axis that was added; it’s the vertical axis to
the right of the chart.
5. Right-click the Target series and choose Format Data Series.
6. In the dialog box, adjust the Gap Width property so that the Target series is slightly wider
than the Revenue series — between 45% and 55% is typically fine.
Using a Bullet Graph
A bullet graph is a type of column/bar graph developed by visualization expert Stephen Few to serve
as a replacement for dashboard gauges and meters. He developed bullet graphs to allow for the
clear display of multiple layers of information without occupying a lot of space on a dashboard. A
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