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Using a Thermometer-Style Chart
qualitative range to span from 0 to 100%. Therefore, the percentages (75%, 15%, 10%, and
5%) must add up to 100%. Again, this can be adjusted to suit your needs. The fifth value in
Figure 10-8 (Value) creates the performance bar. The sixth value (Target) makes the target
Figure 10-8: Start with data that contains the main data points of the bullet graph.
2. Select the entire table and plot the data on a stacked column chart.
The chart that’s created is initially plotted in the wrong direction.
3. To fix the direction, click the chart and select the Switch Row/Column button, as shown in
Figure 10-9.
Figure 10-9: Switch the orientation of the chart to read from columns.
4. Right-click the Target series and choose Change Series Chart Type. Use the Change Chart
Type dialog box to change the Target series to a Stacked Line with Markers and to place it on
the secondary axis (see Figure 10-10). After you confirm your change, the Target series will
show on the chart as a single dot.
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