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Using a Thermometer-Style Chart
Figure 10-10: Use the Change Chart Type dialog box to change the Target series to a Stacked Line with
Markers and place it on the secondary axis.
5. Right-click the Target series again and choose Format Data Series to open that dialog box.
Click the Marker option and adjust the marker to look like a dash, as shown in Figure 10-11.
Figure 10-11: Adjust the marker to a dash.
6. Still in the Format Data Series dialog box, click the Fill & Line icon (the paint bucket). Expand
the Fill section and Solid Fill property to set the color of the marker to a noticeable color
like red.
7. Still in the Format Data Series dialog box, expand the Border section and set the Border to
No Line.
8. Go back to your chart and delete the new secondary axis that was added to the right of your
chart (see Figure 10-12).
This is an important step to ensure that the scale of the chart is correct for all data points.
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