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Using a Thermometer-Style Chart
Figure 10-14: To add more data to your chart, manually expand the chart’s data source range.
As you can see in Figure 10-14, you’ve already created this bullet graph with the first performance
measure. Imagine that you add two more measures and want to graph those. Here’s how to do so:
1. Click the chart so that the blue outline appears around the original source data.
2. Hover your mouse over the blue dot in the lower-right corner of the blue box.
Your cursor turns into an arrow, as seen in Figure 10-14.
3. Click and drag the blue dot to the last column in your expanded data set.
Figure 10-15 illustrates how the new data points are added without one ounce of extra work!
Figure 10-15: Expanding the data source automatically creates new bullet graphs.
Final thoughts on formatting bullet graphs
Before wrapping up this introduction to bullet graphs, we discuss two final thoughts on formatting:
➤ Creating qualitative bands
➤ Creating horizontal bullet graphs
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