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Getting Started with Form Controls
Getting Started with Form Controls
Excel offers a set of controls called Form controls, designed specifically for adding UI elements
directly onto a worksheet. After you place a Form control on a worksheet, you can then configure it
to perform a specific task. Later in the chapter, we demonstrate how to apply the most useful
controls to a presentation.
Finding Form controls
You can find Excel’s Form controls on the Developer tab, which is initially hidden in Excel 2010. To
enable the Developer tab, follow these steps:
1. Go to the Ribbon and select the File tab.
2. To open the Excel Options dialog box, click the Options button.
3. Click the Customize Ribbon button.
In the list box on the right, you’ll see all the available tabs.
4. Select the check box next to the Developer tab (see Figure 12-1).
5. Click OK.
Figure 12-1: Enabling the Developer tab.
Now, select the Developer tab and choose the Insert command, as shown in Figure 12-2. Here you
find two sets of controls: Form controls and ActiveX controls. Form controls are designed specifically
for use on a spreadsheet, whereas ActiveX Controls are typically used on Excel UserForms. Because
Form controls need less overhead and can be configured far easier than their ActiveX counterparts,
you generally want to use Form controls.
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