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Getting Started with Form Controls
Figure 12-2: Form controls and ActiveX controls.
Here are the nine Form controls that you can add directly to a worksheet (see Figure 12-3). They are
as follows:
Button: Executes an assigned macro when a user clicks the button.
Combo Box: Gives a user an expandable list of options from which to choose.
Check Box: Provides a mechanism for a select/deselect scenario. When selected, it returns a
value of True. Otherwise, it returns False.
Spin Button: Enables a user to easily increment or decrement a value by clicking the up and
down arrows.
List Box: Gives a user a list of options from which to choose.
Option Button: Enables a user to toggle through two or more options one at a time.
Selecting one option automatically deselects the others.
Scroll Bar: Enables a user to scroll to a value or position using a sliding scale that can be
moved by clicking and dragging the mouse.
Label: Allows you to add text labels to your worksheet. You can also assign a macro to the
label, effectively using it as a button of sorts.
Group Box: Typically used for cosmetic purposes, this control serves as a container for
groups of other controls.
Figure 12-3: Nine Form controls labeled so that you can add to your worksheet.
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