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Using the Button Control
If you’re having a hard time figuring out how this could be useful, take a stab at this next exercise,
which illustrates how you can use a check box to toggle a chart series on and off.
Check box example: Toggling a chart series on and off
Figure 12-8 shows the same chart twice. Notice that the top chart contains only one series, with a check
box offering to Show 2011 Trend data. The bottom chart shows the same chart with the check box
selected. The on/off nature of the check box control is ideal for interactivity that calls for a visible/not
visible state.
Figure 12-8: A check box can help create the disappearing data series effect.
To download the Chapter 12 Samples.xlsx file, go to the book’s companion
website at .
On the Web
You start with the raw data (in Chapter 12 Sample File.xlsx) that contains both 2011 and 2012 data
(see Figure 12-9). In the first column is a cell where the check box control will output its value (cell
A12, in this example). This cell will contain either True or False.
Figure 12-9: Start with raw data and a cell where a check box control can output its value.
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