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Using the Option Button Control
Finally, you create the chart that you saw earlier in this section (refer to Figure 12-8) using the staging
table. Keep in mind that you can scale this to as many series as you like.
Figure 12-12 illustrates a chart that has multiple series whose visibility is controlled by check box
controls. This allows you to make all but two series invisible so you can compare those two series
unhindered. Then you can make another two visible, comparing those.
Figure 12-12: You can use check boxes to control how much data is shown in your chart at one time.
Using the Option Button Control
Option buttons allow users to toggle through several options one at a time. The idea is to have two
or more option buttons in a group. Then selecting one option button automatically deselects the
others. To add option buttons to your worksheet, follow these steps:
1. Click the Insert drop-down list under the Developer tab.
2. Select the option button Form control.
3. Click the location in your spreadsheet where you want to place your option button.
4. After you drop the control onto your spreadsheet, right-click the control and select Format
5. Click the Control tab to see the configuration options, as shown in Figure 12-13.
6. First, select the state in which the option button should open.
The default selection (Unchecked) typically works for most scenarios, so you rarely have to
update this selection.
7. In the Cell Link box, enter the cell to which you want the option button to output its value.
By default, an option button control outputs a number that corresponds to the order it was
put onto the worksheet. For instance, the first option button you place on your worksheet
outputs a number 1, the second outputs a number 2, the third outputs a number 3, and so
on. Notice in Figure 12-13 that this particular control outputs to cell A1.
8. (Optional) You can check the 3-D property if you want the control to have a
threedimensional appearance.
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