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Using the Option Button Control
9. Click OK to apply your changes.
10. To add another option button, simply copy the button you created and paste as many
option buttons as you need. The nice thing about copying and pasting is that all the
configurations you made to the original persist in all the copies.
Figure 12-13: Formatting the option button control.
To give your option button a meaningful label, right-click the control, select Edit Text,
and then overwrite the existing text with your own.
Option button example: Showing many views
through one chart
One of the ways you can use option buttons is to feed a single chart with different data, based on the
option selected. Figure 12-14 illustrates an example of this. When each category is selected, the
single chart is updated to show the data for that selection.
Figure 12-14: This chart is dynamically fed different data based on the selected option button.
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