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Using the Combo Box Control
9. (Optional) You can check the 3-D property if you want the control to have a three-dimen-
sional appearance.
10. Click OK to apply your changes.
Figure 12-17: Formatting the combo box control.
Combo box example: Changing chart data
with a drop-down selector
You can use combo box controls to give your users an intuitive way to select data via a drop-down
selector. Figure 12-18 shows a thermometer chart controlled by the combo box above it. When a
user selects the Southwest region, the chart responds by plotting the data for the selected region.
Figure 12-18: Use combo boxes to give your users an intuitive drop-down selector.
To create this example, you start with the raw dataset shown in Figure 12-19. This dataset contains the
data for each region. Near the raw data, you reserve a cell where the combo box will output its value
(Cell M7, in this example). This cell will catch the index number of the combo box entry selected.
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