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Recording Your First Macro
Figure 13-4: Start recording a new macro called RemoveDataBars.
3. Highlight cells C1:C21.
4. Go to the Home tab and select Conditional Formatting Clear Rules Clear Rules from
Selected Cells.
5. Go to the Developer tab and click the Stop Recording command.
Excel stops recording.
You now have a new macro that removes conditional formatting rules from cells C1:C21.
Running your macros
To see your macros in action, follow these steps:
1. Select the Macros command from the Developer tab.
The dialog box in Figure 13-5 activates, allowing you to select the macro you want to run.
2. Select the AddDataBars macro.
3. Click the Run button.
Figure 13-5: Use the Macro dialog box to select a macro and run it.
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